27 December, 2010



Let me introduce my self, My name is Tyler.
I'm a proud Queenslander and Train buff.
I've put up this blog to just promote modeling Queensland Railways in Sn3½.
I've been modeling for nearly 4 years. in this time I've scratch built 2 locos and 6 wagons, and many kits.

What is Sn3½ well:
S = S scale i.e 1:64
n = Narrow gauge
3½ = 3'6" gauge being modeled

Sn3½ is the traditional scale of modeling 3'6" In QLD and WA and NZ with traces of a few groups in around Australia modeling the local prototype.

My models aren't so detailed that you can count every rivet for rivet but i like to get the look and feel of the real thing.
I use Kadees and RP25-110 wheels.

I will add some photos of my models in another  post.

so till then.


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  1. G'day,

    I am modeling Sn3.5 in Canada. Do you have any links for manufacturers in OZ?